Every association recognised by UGent is entitled to subsidies. These subsidies are intended to support the functioning of the association and the organisation of activities that fit within the objective of the association, the umbrella konvent or the DSA. The General Assembly of a konvent decides how much subsidy each association receives. This amount is split into two equal parts by the DSA. The first half is paid to the association in May, the second half in November.

An organisation can use their subsidies as they see fit. It will be checked if the organisation is sufficiently financially stable and if they strive their their targets sufficiently, this everified via the annual report. Losses or profit are allowed. Furthermore, the annual report also contains a financial part wherein the financials of the complete year are described. We suggest to start building this up from the beginning of the calendar year, this will make it easier. The financial part is only for incorporated associations, not for NPO's. NPO's add the year balance through their accountant.