On Wednesday 1 March, the gala evening of student associations will take place. During this evening, the konventen (konvents) will take the floor to tell us about their year and we would like to use this occasion to thank all associations for their efforts during the year.

To show our appreciation a little bit more, this year we introduce the DSAwards. We thought of 13 categories in which an association can excel and give them the chance to be in the spotlight for a while. Nominations will be accepted until 19 February via the Google forms below!

Game rules

  • Submissions can be made until Sunday 19th of February 23:59.
  • Only associations recognised at UGent have a chance to win an award. (Nominations for non-UGent associations will not be accepted).
  • Nominations are for associations, not for individuals.
  • Nominations can be submitted by anyone, multiple nominations are allowed.
  • These awards are about the civic year, so only activities/achievements/... from the year 2022.
  • Creativity in nominating is encouraged.
  • Konventen may also be nominated.
  • Make sure the nomination is clear, include a date if applicable, add a link to a facebook event/photos,...
  • For questions/clarifications, please contact, mention 'DSAwards' in the subject.

The categories

1. Achievement of the year

An association that accomplished something crazy, set up a very cool initiative, brought back a lost tradition, an activity that attracted a very wide and diverse audience,... Something people don't know about.

2. Funniest use of a pun/wordplay in name activity

Puns/wordplay are staples of student life these days. Sometimes these are incredibly bad, but fortunately some are so good that they deserve some extra attention.

3. Nicest poster for an activity

A poster is THE way to attract people to an activity. they have to stand out, which posters managed to do that this year?

4. Warmest association

A warm association is an association that works for society, for other people, for a good cause, a nice gesture, voluntary work,... In short, everything that makes us feel a little warm inside.

5. Most sustainable association

An association committed to the environment.

6. Nicest fraternisation

A fraternisation can involve many things: two associations joining forces to organise a party, an association collaborating with an educational institution to do an activity, an unusual partner,...

7. Most original activity

An activity never seen before, a crazy theme for a party, a creative decoration,...

8. Most original sports activity

Just about all associations do sports activities, but some associations do very crazy/cool/original sports activities. They also deserve a place in our awards show.

9. Most student-iconic photo

Are there any photos within your association that just scream student-ness? Have you managed to capture the essence of student life in photos? Send us your best snaps and show what student associations mean to you.

10. Bad luck of the year

Not everything always goes as planned, a corona contamination just before your first cantus as praeses, a supplier cancelling at the last minute, a facebook event that had the wrong date on it,... Do you know a society that was really unlucky this year?

11. Newcomer of the year

A completely new praesidium, a new club, a new activity? What was there this year that wasn't there last year but was nevertheless a great success?

12. Nicest club song

If you are a fan of your own or another club's club song, record it and send it on. Or send us the lyrics and melody!

13. Funniest hype

What is going on in your club, how can you be recognised, what do you do as a club that others find strange but which makes you unique?

Nominate an association!