Activities can be announced on the control panel. This needs to be done at least 72 hours in advance such that you're insured with UGent. You can find a simple overview of the activities organized by the student's unions and student associations of Ghent University

Announce activity

Using the button below, you can announce activities of the association that you are a board member of.

Announce activity

As a board member of an association, you are obliged to announce your activities at least 72 hours in advance. If you don't do this, this has two major consequences for your association:

  • Your activity is not insured by Ghent University.
  • The internal and external security agencies don't know where and when your activities take place.

Public vs. private activities

A public activity is publicly announced, for example on a site. Entrance may be limited to members of the organisation or to regisrtations, possibly caused by limited places.

A private activity works with explicit invitations, like a teambuilding or an office party. The organisation of a private activity has certain consequences:

  • The activity is only visible on the control panel for the board members of the association, the board members of the overarching konvent and the DSA.
  • Private activities do not count for the total activities needed in the annual report of your association.
  • Private activities are not eligible for subsidies.


When creating an activity for your association, you will have to specify the domain on which the activity takes place. Different terms are linked to the different domains. Beneath, you can find an overview of the different domains:

Domain Explanation
Public domain All buildings and terrain under management of the municipality. In Ghent these are managed by Stad Gent.
Ghent University All buildings and terrain under UGent management.
For all rooms and auditoria reserved through TimeEdit.
Universitary Home-domain For everything happening on Home terrain.
Online The activity is fully online. There is no physical location used.
Other All other places like private spaces.

If your activity takes place on UGent-domain and uses barbecue equipment, the security department needs to be notified using this form.

Initiation activities

Initiation activities must be compliant with the initiation decree and correctly announced to the overarching konvent of the association.

Searching activities

Beside announcing activities, you can also search for activities. You can easily find coming activities of the association of your choice, or take a deep dive in the history of our archive that goes all the way back to 2003.

Overview activities

Information forms

This document registers the new board digitally at the services of the university. After submission the new board will have access to the associations dashboard on this site, reserve locations in TimeEdit,...

After submitting, the pdf version of the form must be downloaded and signed. You must submit the signed form before October 15th, 19:00 on the page of the information form. Only then will the information form be approved.

The board members must be enrolled before October 15th for a study programme from Ghent University (excluding PhD students) for at least 27 credits, with the exception of the graduation year. If a board member is not enrolled, the form will automatically be refused. Exceptions are not possible.

Submit information form

Bank forms

The bankform states which bank account is used for the associations funds and who the proxy holders are. This is an official document required of all recognised student associations at the UGhent.

After submitting, the pdf version of the form must be downloaded and signed by the bank. You must submit the signed form before October 15th, 19:00 on the page of the form. Only then will the bank form be approved. If the bank gives instead its own signed form with the same information, that form can be uploaded instead.

Starting from 1st May it is possible to upload a form for the next academic year. Only the current board can submit a form.

Provide the full name of the people who will be proxy holder of this account, with their address (street, number, postal code & city) as it was provided to the bank (at least 2 proxy holders are required)

Submit bank form


Each year you have to upload the latest version of your statutes. These have to be made according to the model templates you can find under the important documents.

Submit bylaws

Enrollment certificates

Certificates of enrollment of the chairman, co-chairman, treasurer and webmaster need to be submitted. This proves that the board members are UGhent-students registered for at least 27 credits. You can download this certificate "Enrollment certificate with programme" on Oasis, under "My Oasis" and then "Certificates". These should not be added to the report, but must be uploaded separately.

Submit enrollment certificates

Annual reports

Each year, every recognised association submits an annual report to the DSA using this platform, consisting of four parts:

The first part consists of a summation of the chairman, co-chairman, treasurer and webmaster, with their full name and function. We expect an overview of who performs which function within the board.

The second part contains the (on this site) announced and publicly accessible activities that have been organised by the association in the past calendar year (min. 10), evidenced by enough documentation (Facebook event, pictures, flyers, posters,...) and financial disclosure for each activity. At least five of these activities require a justification on how it fits the goal(s) and purpose(s) of the association and the konvent of which the association is part (according to art. 8§3 of the Student Association rules).

The third part is a financial section that needs to be added in the attachment.

The fourth part is an automatically generated chronological overview of all the activities.

There is a template (association / konvent) available that contains all parts that must be filled in. Both parts are merged and the evidence is added on the relevant place, after that a digital version is submitted on this page. When uploading the annual report, the public activities from the control panel will be automatically added in chronological order. If wanted, you can add additional activities in the report itself.

Aside from review to keep the statute of an official UGent student organisation, the annual report will also be catalogued in the university archive, which can be found in the Rectoraat. This way the history of the students associations is tracked and stored safely. We encourage anyone to put some extra effort by adding documentation outside of the mandatory documents that could be a worthwhile addition to the University Archive.

Starting from November 1st, it is possible to upload the yearly report of that calendar year.

Submit annual report

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar of the DSA notes the important deadlines that are imposed on all official student associations, to guarantee a smooth working year and required to keep their recognition.

October 15th

The information form, the bank form and the bylaws should be generated online and signed before the 15th of October, 7 p.m. You can find the enrollment certificate on Oasis. This should also be submitted before the 15th of October, 7 p.m.

  • Information form: This document registers the new board digitally at the services of the university. After submission the new board will be able to announce activities, reserve locations in TimeEdit,...
  • Bank form: This document registers the transfer of bank account of the association from the old board to the new board. Take the generated and filled in document to your bank office for signing, after which it can be submitted.
  • Bylaws: This results in an always up-to-date central database of the bylaws of all associations.
  • Enrollment certificates: This proves that the chairman, co-chairman, treasurer and webmaster are registered at UGhent for at least 27 credits.

Board members of associations can view the status of these documents at any time on the dashboard of the association.

March 5th

Each year, before the 5th of March, every recognised association must submit their annual report to the DSA on this control panel. This report is not only used for the review of the official recognition of the association, but it is also kept securely in the university archive, which is located in the central administration, with the goal of keeping track of the history of student associations.


Here you can upload reports of meetings of your association. This way, your successors can find relevant information there about previous years, and is there no possibility for those documents to get lost. Konvents are obligated to share their reports of General assembly meetings with the student coordinator. This can be done by simply uploading it here, or they have to do it through an other means of their own.

Submit report