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"Who We Are: Our student union can best be described as an open community of friends who share an interest in BDSM. Founded in 2011, our association was created to provide a platform for individuals passionate about BDSM to come together and engage in open discussions. BDSM encompasses a wide spectrum of preferences and practices, and during our activities, we encourage conversations that embrace diverse viewpoints and interests. Whether you're interested in sharing experiences or discussing topics like bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism, as well as more specific aspects like age-play, primal, petplay, and consensual non-consent, you've found the right place! What We Do: We organize a variety of activities, including talk evenings, workshops, movie nights, lectures, pub gatherings, board game nights, and much more. During these events, we create a safe and welcoming environment where open conversations about BDSM and related subjects are encouraged. We aim to provide a space where you can ask questions and engage in discussions that might feel out of place in typical social settings. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their level of experience, so please feel free to join us!

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