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In 1995, a working group was established on the initiative of the Department of Architecture & Urbanism, intended to serve as a dialogue between students and mentors within architectural education. This working group would evolve over time into a society of Architecture: de loeiende koe sees its light. Its status undefined. Its possibilities endless. Serving architectural education, it intervenes where it falls short, attempting to fill the gaps if not. A blend of academic sérieux and individual fascinations, a labor of love, but also of conviction, that in the context of an increasingly globalized architectural production practice, the intellectual openness offered by de loeiende koe is a possibility that must be cherished. An idea. The – belief – in an idea, in something that transcends the world and escapes reality. An idea that was once Architecture. “There was once a dream, that was Architecture. You could only whisper it.” J.R

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