CEO Insights: From Visions to Reality

Capitant Gent
Start time
3/1/23, 7:00 PM
End time
3/1/23, 11:30 PM
Auditorium Quetelet en Foyer
Terrain type
Ghent University
Type of activity


Is there a road to CEO? What are the obstacles and challenges a CEO faces? How did they experience their journey to the top? What are their takes on this title and what does it really entail to be a CEO? Our openingsevent will be a roundtable where CEOs get to discuss their stories, believes and visions on what it requires to be a CEO and what brought them to that position.

- Veronique Hoflack, CEO van Unilin
- Yves Kerstens, divisional CEO van Bekaert
- Heidi De Pauw, CEO van Child Focus
- Jeroen Poels, CEO van Deltaworx
- Bart De Ridder, managing director Accenture