Every association recognised by UGent, apart from that of the Seniorenkonvent, is entitled to (direct) subsidies. These subsidies are intended to support the functioning of the association and organising activities that are within the objective of the association, the umbrella konvent or DSA fit. The General Assembly of a konvent decides how many subsidies each association receives. This amount is split into 2 equal parts by the DSA. The first half is paid to the association in May, the second half in November. This division is there so that after a change of board in the summer, there is still a grant budget left for the second board.

In principle, an association can use the grants as it considers most useful. Purchases are no longer monitored. However, there is check whether the association is financially sound and whether they are sufficiently pursuing their objective. This is done through the annual report. This contains at least 10 activities announced on the control panel. For these 10 activities also include a financial overview of the expenses and revenues of that activity. Loss or profit is allowed. In addition, the annual report also contains an overall financial section in which the finances of the full year are explained. We recommend keeping this up to date from the beginning of the calendar year, that way it becomes an easy task. The financial section can be accessed below. The financial section is only for unincorporated associations, not for NPOs. NPOs add the annual accounts via the accountant add.