Subsidies can only be granted if the following requirements are met:

  • the association has sufficient remaining budget for the current year
  • the activity has been announced beforehand to the DSA through the activity panel
  • the request for reimbursement is accompanied by a financial report (income and expenses) of the activity
  • the activity is not profitable, unless the profits are donated to charity
  • food, beverages and wares with the goal of private ownership are never eligible
  • the expenses do not fall under the categories that are not reimbursable


For receiving a reimbursement the correct procedure must be followed.

After planning the activity it can be announced to the Dienst Studentenactiviteiten on the Activity platform. Once the activity is over and all expense receipts are gathered, the subsidy brochure can be consulted to determine which expenses can be reimbursed.

From the pieces of evidence it must be clear that the expense is effectively made. Receipts must clearly be marked that the payment was made and contain an identification of the store/seller. Invoices are only accepted if these have been paid, so a clear mention of "paid"/"satisfied" or a bank transfer receipt must be additionally provided.

Once all desired reimbursements are decided, a request can be submitted. These requests are bundled by activity or bundled in requests for general operation costs that do not belong to an activity. On the subsidy panel every request can be accompanied by multiple expenses and the respective pieces of evidence for these expenses included. If the request is for the expenses of an activity a report must be made to show that no profit was made on the activity, by correctly filling in the "income" and "expenses" fields.

After submission the entire request is checked for irregularities and missing evidence by the DSA, after which it is sent to the Directie Financiën for final approval and reimbursement. During the submission a "Verklaring op eer" (statement on honour) is made about the authenticity of the pieces of evidence. It is therefore important that the ORIGINAL pieces of evidence are carefully stored and secured by the association, because the DSA/DFIN can at any point ask to review these pieces.

What is eligible for reimbursement

Generally an expense is eligible for subsidy unless it falls under one of the following categories:

  • Sustainable goods that only benefits the board of the association
  • Food and drinks (speaker thanks is allowed)
  • Torches
  • Goods for personal purposes (speaker thanks is allowed)
  • Musical instruments
  • Nationally issued publications
  • Personal decorations
  • Private transport, except DSA-requested cambios
  • Stickers

Durable goods that cost more than €125 have to be bought via the DSA. Please contact us for this.

There are limitations on the reimbursable amount for the following categories:

  • Subscriptions to magazines
  • Prints
  • Sustainable goods that benefits the target audience of the association
  • Renting audio/video equipment
  • Public transport
  • Sporting goods
  • Speakers reimbursement
  • Tents
  • Location reservation

Consult the info pamflet for more details regarding expenses eligible for subsidy, or art. 13 to 17 of the Student Association rules