But you count too

This is a mentally challenging time for a lot of people with questions and uncertainties. If you recognize yourself, realize that you are not alone. It has already been said, but try to talk with friends or family. It's alright to not be alright sometimes. There are people around you who understand, find them and talk with them, it can really help.

UGent too, offers some help, ranging from study support to student doctors and psychologists. If you find that a course is not adapting (enough) to the current measures, you can talk to the student representatives or the study support of your faculty. They will help you look for a solution to the problem. The student doctors and psychologists are there for you, even if you have nothing 'major' that's not right. They'll gladly help you where they can.

Apart from that, you can find Start to Talk online. If that is too big of a step for you, you can have a look on the Ufora page Student@warmUgent for more information. Keep an eye on the Facebook and Instagram pages of UGhent for some extra tips and motivation. Together we can help each other get through!