Student garden


In this document all necessary information regarding the Student Garden can be found. If you have questions or remarks about the document, don’t hesitate to contact us via

Noise disturbance

After 22h00, no noise pollution is tolerated. Complaints about noise after 22:00 will be penalized heavy and can jeopardize the future of the Student Garden.


Reservations of the Student Garden happen through the DSA control panel (exactly like other Therminal reservations). An association can choose if they want the back or front yard. More details can be found on the page for location reservations.


DSA provides a bar system in the Student Garden. With this system, customers can scan a QR code to make an online order. Drinks and snacks can then be brought to the table. For more information or if you want to use the system, send an email to

This is how the system is used:

  1. Send an email in order to get access to the system.
  2. Provide us a menu of what should be available.
  3. QR codes can be found in the container, during the event they should be placed on the tables.
  4. Customers can scan the code and place an order on their phone.
  5. Orders are collected on a central dashboard in the container (computer is available on site).
  6. Make drinks and bring it to the right table.
  7. Payment happens afterwards with the customer (cash, payconiq, card, …).

At the moment it is not possible to accept online payments. We are trying to find a solution for this.

Using the bar system is not mandatory. It is perfectly fine if an association wants to use their own system to bring drinks to the tables.

Stock count and inspection

After every activity DSA will perform a stock count to determine how much the association has consumed. This usually happens the morning after the activity. The bill will be sent to the association; note that it can take up to several weeks to receive it.

During the count, we also check if the area has been left in an orderly state.

The following check list is used:

  • Area left orderly
  • Empty bottles/containers put away in a sorted manner
  • No damage to the infrastructure (containers, furniture, tent, …)
  • Bar container left clean
  • Tables and chairs properly stocked (if applicable)
If there is damage or the terrain was left messy, a fine will be charged.

Front garden

In this section, you will find all information regarding the front yard

General info

  • Aprox. 800m²
  • Space for maximum 160 persons (+/- 40 tables)
  • Average of 65m walking distance to the bathroom container
  • Reservations are possible from Monday to Sunday


The front yard is equipped with a fully functioning bar container. Associations can use this, but it needs to be left clean behind! There will be a document explaining how the fridges have to be restocked and how everything should be organized. Associations who do not fulfill this duty will be sanctioned. The available beverages can be found on the following page: price list beverage stockroom.

After every activity a stock count will be done and afterwards the association receives a bill. Every opened keg will be charged. Bottles are counted individually.

Container key

The keys of the containers need to be collected and returned during the office hours at The Therminal.

Activity inspiration

The front yard is ideal for summer bars or BBQ's. There are tables and sofas already in place (please don’t mess up the arrangement).

Back yard

In this section, you'll find all information regarding the back yard

General info

  • Aprox. 490m²
  • Space for 80 persons (+/- 20 tables)
  • Average of 150m walking distance to the bathroom container
  • Reservation is possible every day
  • Can be used for cantus


The back yard does not have a bar container, but has a mobile tap and some fridges. There is a tent available. There are a limited number of drinks available which can be found here: price list beverage stockroom.

After every activity a stock count will be done and afterwards the association receives a bill.

Two fridges are available to bring your own drinks.

There are some pitchers available to bring beer/water to the tables.

There are NO cups or buckets.

Container key

The container is secured with a padlock. The keys need to be collected and returned during the office hours at The Therminal.


The back yard has a more flexible arrangement. Always respect the social distancing measurements! The tables can also be put aside for sport activities in smaller groups.

Note that the location seems to be more remote, but in reality it is close to the neighbouring houses than the front yard. So be extra cautious regarding noise pollution.