Ghent University

Usage of Ghent University infrastructure

Student associations can reserve rooms outside of De Therminal from Ghent University through centauro. These reservations need to be made at least 3 weeks in advance. No rental costs are charged for use, unless for an extra fee for the housekeeper if the activity ends past 22 o'clock. In case of damages these costs are also charged. The invoice for these charges is sent to the address given on the reservation form.

Renting material from UGent

The recognised student associations can lend exposition material (chairs, folding chairs, (reception) tables, table covers, lighting, extension cords. speaking tribunes,...) at the office of expositions of Ghent University. To reserve these items you need to visit us in the therminal. Careful! Don't be too late with this reservation as this service is offered to the entire workforce of the university.


Provincial rental service

Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen has a rental service where material can be rented for a very low cost. After registering an online webshop.

Municipal rental service

City of Ghent offers a free of charge rental service for publicly available, non-commercial activities that are held within the city bounds. After registering an account for the association, material can be reserved in their online webshop.


Associations can request a Cambio chip card at the secretariat with which they can rent a Cambio car. The name of the association and the name of the lender are written down, once the card is available it can be picked up at the secretariat. The driver is responsible for accidents and infractions. The running costs and any additional costs are automatically subtracted from the remaining subsidy budget of the association. In case this amount is insufficient, an invoice will be sent instead. The Cambio formula that DSA uses is COMFORT. Exact prices can be found on the Cambio website.