Academic Calendar

The academic calendar of the DSA notes the important deadlines that are expected to be met by all official student associations, to guarantee a smooth working year and keep their recognition.

October 15th

These 3 documents need to be generated online, signed and then mailed to the DSA-team before October 15th, 7 pm:

  • Information form: This document registers the transfer of user account rights of the association from the old board to the new board. After submission the new board will be able to announce activities, reserve locations in Centauro,...
  • Bank forms: This document registers the transfer of bank account of the association from the old board to the new board. Take the generated and filled in document to your bank office for signing, after which it can be submitted.
  • Bylaws: This results in an always up-to-date central database of the bylaws of all associations

Board members of associations can view the status of these documents at any time on the %{overzichtspagina}

December 1st

December first is the deadline for the central budget at Ghent University. It is important that all requests for reimbursement have been correctly submitted online on the subsidy panel and approved by DSA personnel before this date. Late requests are automatically booked on the next calendar year. Note that most konventen have an additional internal deadline for the submission of requests, with the purpose of being able to flexibly re-assign excess budget or shortages.

March 5th

Before the 5th of March each year, every recognised association must submit their annual report to the student coordinator. Beside requesting extending the recognition of the association, this report is kept securely in the university archive (which is located in the rectorate) with the goal of keeping track of the history of student associations.

May 10th

Before the 10th of May the resigning board members must submit all requests for reimbursement. This avoids new board members having to submit and document invoices and receipts made during a different mandate.